De Laveaga (27 holes) Disc Golf Course

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De Laveaga (27 holes) Disc Golf Course
Santa Cruz, CA, United States
27 Holes  ♦  Par 81

Darren's Non-SCFBC group Buddy Group Leaderboard

  Date Name Dist Tot Net
1 5/29/2004 Darren Pozzi 111 +30
2* 3/20/2004 Jason Espinoza 124 +48*

A note on incomplete games:

Incomplete games appear in the leaderboard grayed-out, and with an asterisk (*) next to the rank and net score. The order scores appear in the list is based on a predicition of what a complete game's final score would be, using the average score that person made on each hole he or she played. The score displayed in the Net Score column is this predicted score.

Incomplete games do not affect the rank of complete games.

Score Histogram

Average Hole Score
Total Throws:
Average Final Score:
+33.000 (114.000)
σ = 2.944
Easiest Hole:
Hole 19 has an average score of +0.750 (3.750)
Hardest Hole:
Hole 14 has an average score of +2.429 (5.429)
Recent Holes in One:
None yet!
Recent Birdies:
Darren Pozzi on hole 4 (Mar 20, 2004)